The Cambodian riel may be the country's official currency, but American dollars are also widely accepted to the point where most of Cambodia's ATMs dole out American dollars instead of Cambodian riels. Cambodian riel coins, however, are generally used instead of American coins.

One riel is equivalent to either 10 kak or 100 sen, and currency notes are 50 riel, 100 riel, 500 riel, 1,000 riel, 2,000 riel, 5,000 riel, 10,000 riel, 20,000 riel, and 50,000 riel.

According to the fixed exchange rate, one American dollar is equal to 4,000 riels, but the actual exchange rate between riels and dollars is usually higher. Visitors should spend as many riels as they can in Cambodia because the currency is difficult to exchange outside the country. Thai baht is also widely accepted in many communities close to Cambodia's border with Thailand.

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