Entry regulations

Entry regulations

Most foreign visitors to Cambodia require both national passports and visas to enter the country. Visitors can enter Cambodia on either tourist or business visas which they can get at their national Cambodian embassy or consulate, both of Cambodia's international airports, and many of Cambodia's land borders with other Southeast Asian countries.

The Cambodian border crossings where visas can be obtained are the main border between Cambodia and Laos, some of Cambodia's border crossings with Vietnam, all of the border crossings between Cambodia and Thailand. Tourist visas obtained at land border crossings tend to cost more than those obtained elsewhere.

A passport with at least one blank page for visas and which remains valid for six months as well as one or two passport-sized photos are required to obtain a visa. Paying visa fees in American dollars is also highly recommended as fees paid in local currencies mean visas tend to cost more. Visitors may also choose to apply online for e-visas, which cost slightly more, but are e-mailed within no more than three business days. Passport photos taken with digital cameras or scans of existing passport photos are required to apply for e-visas, which must then be printed out in two copies, one for entry and the other for exit. Both copies should be kept inside passports.

Visa exemption:

Citizens of Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, Thailand, and Indonesia do not require visas to enter Cambodia.

Tourist visa

Tourist visas requested prior to arriving in Cambodia are valid for 90 days, and must be used during a three-month period. Visitors on tourist visas can also receive entry permit stamps lasting 30 days, which can then be further extended once for an additional 30 days at an extra cost.

Business visa

Business visas cost slightly more to obtain than tourist visas, but are the best option for those staying in Cambodia for more than two months or who plan to enter and exit the country several times during their stay. Business visas may be extended indefinitely for six month time periods by travel agencies throughout Phnom Penh.

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